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Attention! This inconspicuous PS5 adapter packs a punch and is now available for you in our store.

The Beloader Pro is the world's first latency-free high-speed PS5 game adapter, and to give you a better idea of what that means, we'd like to briefly introduce you to the outstanding features of the Beloader Pro – its function as a local Remote Play client, its power in combination with the Cronus Zen, and the ability to use virtually any input device with any PS5 game.

I. Local Remote Play Client.

One of the unique features of the Beloader Pro is its Remote Play functionality. The adapter is the first working 'local' Remote Play client, allowing you to play the latest PS5 titles without delays or disconnections, using almost any controller. The lightning-fast LAN connection ensures a consistently stable connection and smooth gameplay without delays – a clear advantage over the less reliable online Remote Play.

II. Cronus Zen Compatibility.

The Beloader Pro is especially compatible with the Cronus Zen controller adapter, a powerful gaming tool from Collective Minds that allows you to make a wide range of configurations and settings to your controller. By combining the Beloader Pro with the Cronus Zen, an ultimate gaming bundle is created that is definitely unique. The Cronus Zen gives you access to countless game packs and scripts to maximize the potential of your preferred controller, while the Beloader Pro removes all limitations and guarantees a stable and latency-free connection with every PS5 game. It doesn't get any better.

III. Use of Peripheral Devices.

The Beloader Pro is not only an optimal addition for the Cronus Zen. Comparable devices, such as Titan Two, XIM, or ReaSnow, can also be combined effortlessly with this adapter. Even when using the Beloader Pro alone, you can easily use almost any input device with any PS5 game through simple Plug & Play. Whether USB or Bluetooth controllers, the appropriate ports and integrated Bluetooth 5.0 make it possible. The Beloader Pro thus offers tremendous flexibility and customization options for gamers.

IV. Additional Features.

The Beloader Pro has a variety of other useful features that further enhance the gaming experience. These include support for various macros, touchpad functionality for Xbox controllers, HD audio and voice chat via USB, a 3.5mm headset port, and an integrated volume control. The dual-mixer function ensures flawless multiplayer gaming.


The Beloader Pro is a unique and innovative PS5 adapter that offers everything many have been looking for in vain. With its function as a local Remote Play client, its strength in combination with the Cronus Zen, and the ability to use almost any input device with any PS5 game, the Beloader Pro provides tremendous flexibility.

The simple Plug & Play installation, the fast, delay-free LAN connection, support for various USB devices, wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and macro and touchpad support make the Beloader Pro a must-have, not just for Cronus Zen owners.

Try it out and let us know how you were able to improve your set-up with the Beloader Pro.

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