Sony DualSense Wireless-Controller PlayStation 5

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Simply Unique.

The Besavior PS5 Elite Controller, with its 4 programmable back buttons and customizable macros, is the world's first controller that can also be used as a dedicated adapter for the effortless use of various third-party peripheral devices on the PS5.

Whether it's fighting sticks, USB steering wheels, PS4 controllers, Switch Pro controllers, XB1 & XSX controllers, ReaSnow S1, XIM Apex, Titan Two, Cronus Zen, or CronusMax – simply plug & play to connect the devices to your PS5 via the expansion port on the Besavior controller and play all current PS5 titles.


  • Original PS5 Controller
  • 4 High-Speed Back Buttons
  • Remapping, Macros and more...
  • HD OLED Display
  • Open Source Linux
  • Adapter for Third-Party Devices
  • Less Weight without Vibration (optional)
  • Bluetooth Connection with PC & Switch (optional)

Package Contents.

  • Besavior PS5 Controller (1)
  • Transport Case (1)
  • USB Typ-C Cable (1)
  • OTG Cable (1)
  • Bluetooth Receiver (optional)


Follow the link below to access all relevant resources for your Besavior PS5 Elite Controller. Guides & video tutorials for configuration and settings, as well as the necessary software to update the Besavior firmware. Downloads & Video Tutorials

Weight Adjustment.

You have the option to order the Besavior controller without vibration motors. Due to the lighter weight, the controller sits better in your hand, comfort is increased, and wrist fatigue is reduced. Please note: The smaller motors in the DualSense triggers are not removed.

Bluetooth PC Receiver.

If you want to connect the Besavior PS5 Elite Controller to your Windows PC or Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth, add the Besavior Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver to the configuration. This allows you to have a wireless, latency-free Bluetooth connection.

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