Cronus Zen + Beloader Pro Bundle (PS5)

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The Ultimate PS5 Bundle.

The Cronus Zen sets new standards, offering players the most powerful emulation technology ever created. This gives you absolute control and fully utilizes the potential of your controller.

In combination with the Besavior P5MATE, you can play all PS5 games with your preferred controller or with a mouse and keyboard. Compatible with the latest PS5 system software. Easy plug & play via a native USB connection, completely without Remote Play.

Cronus Zen Features.

  • Use almost any controller on any console & PC
  • Crossover controller support
  • Mouse & keyboard support
  • Steering wheel support
  • Thousands of free MODs
  • Preconfigured game packs
  • Zen Studio software
  • 8 x 32K memory slot
  • Full details: Cronus Zen Controller Adapter

Beloader Pro Features.

  • Easy plug & play
  • Supports the latest PS5 system software
  • No configuration required
  • Fast, lag-free USB connection
  • Supports various USB devices
  • USB-C power port
  • 3.5mm chat & audio port
  • 1000Hz support
  • Touchpad support
  • Full details: Besavior P5MATE PS5 Game Adapter

Important notice.

The Besavior P5MATE is a simple plug & play device that requires no additional setup. However, to fully utilize the Cronus Zen, advanced knowledge of settings, connection options, and the operation of the Zen Studio software is required.

It is therefore recommended to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the information in the Official Cronus Zen Guide.


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