Strawberry Lemonade Hydration Tub ohne Koffein

Erdbeere & Limonade 🍓🍋

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0 Sugar, 0 Caffeine, just 8 Calories

G FUEL Hydration is entirely caffeine and sugar-free, with just 8 calories. It's perfect for hydration and recovery.

Electrolyte Complex

Essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sodium support nerve and muscle activities that could be compromised by sweating. Recovery is the key focus here.

Immunity Booster

To aid the immune system, G FUEL Hydration is enriched with zinc and vitamin C.

Focus through Amino Acids

The inclusion of specific aminos, like L-Tyrosine, offers clarity and focus without any caffeine. A unique advantage that most other drinks on the market cannot provide.

Vitamin Complex

G FUEL Hydration provides you with an optimal blend of Vitamin D2, as well as vitamins A, C, E, B6, and B12, to support your brain's functions.

93 grams for 30 servings

Simply use the included scoop to mix 3.1 g of the powder into 350-450 ml of cold water, stir well, and enjoy.