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Cronus Zen PlayStation & Xbox Controller Adapter

Many gamers are familiar with the problem: You have your favorite controller on one platform, but you'd like to use it on another console. This is where the Cronus Zen by Collective Minds comes into play - a powerful tool that enables the use of your preferred controller on any platform. Even playing the latest PS5 titles like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Battlefield with your PS4 controller is no longer an issue.

What is the Cronus Zen?

The Cronus Zen is a small device that is placed between your controller and the console, acting as a mediator between the two devices. It allows you to use your favorite controller on any console, whether it's an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch. The Cronus Zen is also compatible with your Windows PC, while conversely, even using a mouse and keyboard on your console is no longer a problem.

But that's not all - the Cronus Zen also offers the ability to emulate Logitech and Fanatec racing wheels on the PS4 and PS5. With the Cronus Zen, you can revive your old wheel and enjoy a wide range of racing games with full force feedback support, pedals, brakes, clutches, and shifters on the PlayStation 5 - perfect for SIM racers looking for an authentic racing feel!

Customize your controller.

With the Cronus Zen, you have the option to personalize your controller with thousands of free scripts and a variety of Gamepacks. Scripts are simple code snippets that can be created by the user or downloaded for free from the active Cronus community to customize your controller. Gamepacks, on the other hand, are complete, pre-configured packages created by the community to optimally support specific games, from popular classics to current AAA titles. They are the perfect solution for gamers who want quick and easy access to the latest modifications for popular games.

With scripts and Gamepacks, you can make a wide range of adjustments to your controller, such as creating custom button assignments, running macros, adjusting the sensitivity of your analog sticks, or activating features like Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Quick Scope, and much more. There are virtually no limits.


The Cronus Zen by Collective Minds is a powerful tool that allows gamers to harness the full potential of their favorite controller. With its ability to support almost any platform and the option to personalize your controller with free scripts and Gamepacks, there's no reason not to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Of course, this blog post only provides a brief insight into the possibilities with the Cronus Zen. Be sure to visit the product page in our shop to learn more about all the individual features:

Unlock the full potential of your controller with the Cronus Zen.

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