Deposit collection

According to the Packaging Act, a deposit fee ("can deposit") is charged for disposable beverage containers purchased in Germany. Therefore, a deposit of 0.25 EUR per can is charged for our G Fuel Energy Drink cans. This one-way deposit will be calculated separately at the checkout.

Deposit return

All cans purchased from us are delivered with a corresponding deposit mark. You can simply return these cans wherever disposable beverage containers of the same material type are sold. When returning the empty cans, you will receive the deposit fee paid at the time of purchase back.

If you need help finding a return location, please contact our customer service.

If the nearest return location is too far away, you can also return the cans purchased from us in the online shop to us. The sender bears the cost of the return shipment.

Return address:

Krummer Weg 8
21423 Drage

When shipping the empty beverage containers, please make sure that they are securely packaged and, in particular, that the deposit marks are not damaged. It is best to keep our shipping box and reuse it.

For environmental reasons, it makes sense to return only complete packaging units (12 cans) bundled to us. Of course, we also accept individual cans.